Duft Auswahl

Standardmäßig können Sie bei diesen Home-Produkten zwischen diesen herrlichen Düften wählen ...

Black Nite

Charakter: Fig Leaf & Sandalwood


Poker night. You act impulsively and let yourself go by the pleasant atmosphere that combines the smell of cognac and scented tobacco, the sound of the cards and the back roulette. The key moment is here: she looks at the jackpot triumphantly while turning her straight flush, you go all-in but still smile. Your royal flush wins this hand... and the rest of the night.


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Crazy Summer

Charakter: Maracuja & Hibiscus


The intense flavour of today’s tropical juice is still in your palate when you decide to press the button of the sunroof and stand up at the back seat. All you want is closing your eyes and feeling the hot wind and the adrenalin run through your body. You then let go an immense shout of joy to the sky with open arms. This is for sure a summer to remember.


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Free Sprit

Charakter: Ginger & Lemongrass


Some people go climbing to overcome their fear, while you do it to feel the absolute freedom. Remember when you used to be afraid of climbing walls, paralyzed with fear because you thought you couldn’t do it? That fear turned into motivation when you saw a professional rock climber facing a 2,000 feet summit and knew you would be the next one..


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Afternoon Reading

Charakter: Asian Pear & Peony


“Just one more, mum!”. She smiles at you and goes for one of his favourite books. She has been hearing you read adapted stories since she was a baby: Treasure Island, Moby-Dick, The Never-ending Story... You sometimes switch names and add new anecdotes. Afternoon readings with mum are her first-choice activity.


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Enchanting Atmosphere

Charakter: Black Pepper & Birchwood


The sky gets filled with colourful air balloons while you enjoy your breakfast and the beautiful views to the valley. The dense sandalwood smell is mixed with the taste of honey, olives, and tasty goat cheese pie. You can’t avoid getting hypnotized by the enigmatic shapes of the mountains and the beauty of the sky.


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